Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

June 8: 8 Sessions Course in Spanish

For New Jersey & Pennsylvania | Via Zoom

Registration: http://bit.ly/CursoQoLFJunio

June 11: Qualitas desde casa 12:30 p.m.

Facebook Live: Me preparo para emprender

Conect here

June 23: Learning about savings and Insurance in Spanish 

For Saratoga, Warren & Washington , NY | Via Zoom

Registration: http://bit.ly/Ahorroyseguros23jun

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We are asking a few of our key partners to rally their friends, family, and networks to support our work. By donating to Qualitas of Life Foundation, you will help more Hispanic Individuals & Their Families, and you'll help your friends feel good about doing good.

What makes us unique?

We believe that financial education and inclusion are crucial means for spurring economic development and building thriving communities. The financial education program is adaptable and tailored to the needs of different groups, as well as easily scalable as we aim to increase the financial capabilities of our participants. Qualitas of Life delivers financial education through an educational model based on the following 5 crossing cutting values:

Capabilities Approach
Human Rights and Gender Equity

Our curriculum has been designed to allow participants to make decisions in consideration of their own personal strengths and social circumstances. Through this approach, we focus our efforts on equipping participants with the insight and the skills to analyze their own situations, enhance their social mobility, overcome the cycle of poverty and plan towards their financial goals.

In our workshops, we strive to ensure that our participants are aware of their rights, and to create a favorable environment to empower them to advocate for the full enjoyment of rights. Furthermore, it is our belief that leveraging the economic potential of women in our workshops will result in wider social and economic development benefits, not just within the Hispanic community but within the US economy as a whole.

Civic Engagement

Regardless of one’s immigration status, as individuals living in the US, our participants benefit from government and state-run social and economic services. In order to fully enjoy their civic rights, they also have responsibilities and we encourage our participants to comply with these obligations. It is our aim that participants leave our workshops feeling as though they are an integral part of the larger social fabric of US society and that they deserve to be included.


By strengthening the capacity of families to communicate effectively and to consider the potential outcomes of financial decisions together, individuals feel engaged and empowered to collaborate. Through our curriculum, we provide flexible and culturally responsive alternatives for families and link them to the services that suit the particular needs of their own families.

By creating an accessible network of relevant organizations and institutions that truly understand the context, culture and needs of our target community we are able to direct our beneficiaries to committed and trusted entities for complementary services and thus provide a safety net of support for Latinos living in the United States.

Ways to Donate

General Fund

Thanks to the generosity of people like you, we will continue to match technical expertise with comprehensive advice and practical activities to allow participants to consider new possibilities and plan for a better tomorrow.


Emergency Response Fund

As you know, the Hispanic communities have been most affected by this crisis. Qualitas of Life Foundation is working hard to support them through the financial impact of COVID - 19 mobilizing resources. We need your help, let's choose to be there for them!

Become a Compadre/Comadre of Qualitas of Life

With your monthly support as a Compadre/Comadre, you will help us provide free and comprehensive financial education tailored to Hispanic individuals and their families. It's your opportunity to help a student succeed through financial education

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First Republic Bank
Beneficiary: Qualitas of Life Foundation
Account Number: 800 030 48048
Routing Number: 321081669

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